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One on one

Do you have the desire to live your best life?


Do you feel accountable for the aspects of your life that you can influence?


Do you have the desire to live your best life?


If you answered ‘yes’ to all three questions, then a personalized one-on-one program at Insight Work might be right for you.


We always begin with a comprehensive intake where we take a journey through your life. We discuss not only your complaints but also your aspirations. Together, we set goals. Based on your complaints, goals, independence, and willingness to work, we develop a plan. This plan includes aspects such as nutrition, exercise, relaxation, supplementation, and other factors specific to your situation. We examine your sleep patterns, happiness, relationships, work, happiness levels, digestion, sex life, and breathing. In essence, all aspects of your life are taken into consideration! The lifestyle adjustments you’ll make will help you feel fit, healthy, confident, and sexy once again.


Insight Work also provides Wim Hof Method session in a private setting. please contact us with your personal request. You can plan a free zoom meeting here to evaluate your needs and questions. You can also send an email with your enquiries to