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About Insight Work

My name is Brice Jansbergen (33), I am the founder of Insight Work, I am a biologist, breathworker and a Wim Hof Method instructor. Since 2014 I have been providing one-on-one sessions, group lessons and programs in the field of bodywork, recovery and awareness. In 2015 I started with the Wim hof Method and in February 2022 I joined the Wim hof Academy as an instructor. I love nature and the rhythms of music and the day, I like to move and enjoy a good conversation.

We are constantly looking to find balance, for this it is important that we are aware of our daily habits and patterns. Do I breathe through my nose or through my mouth? When and how much do I sleep when I’m rested? Do I walk upright? What do I do with my movement? These are a few points you can look at. With the right daily patterns and habits we can get closer to our pure energy, we become more resilient and we recover faster

‘I believe that people benefit from a good cultivation practice, one can approach this freely, the tools I use are breathwork techniques such as Tummo, Buteyko and Pranayama, vision training, dynamic kinetics and phytotherapy.

Your cultivation practice is your routine. The thing you do and repeat day in and day out. The time you get up, which shoe you put on first, when you exercise, the vegetables you buy and eat, make this a conscious process.


The vision

Insight work is a platform for masters and practitioners of a cultivation practice. It is a place where people can connect with and delve into different disciplines such as forms of breathwork, yoga and the Wim Hof Method. The vision is to collectively bring together the variety, beauty and value of these disciplines.

The symbol

The logo represents the Mandorla flower. The symbol was designed by Astrid van der Werff, a glass artist, in honor of Brice’s 30th birthday, at the request of his father. The Mandorla consists of 8 circles that partially bridge each other. This dynamic represents the connection between the visible and the invisible, the material world and the spiritual world. The 8-shaped star in the center of the Mandorla symbolizes the cave of the bear. The bear hibernates in his cave, making this a place of silence, reflection and resurrection.

Team, Trainers and disciplines

Brice Jansbergen

Founder/ Creator, Extreme athleticism, breathworker

Frank van Hees


Mike Mol

Wim hof methode instructeur L1, musician