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Arctic Crossfit

Do you want to find your edge? Test your limits? Reach your goals? While improving your strength, endurence and overall fitness. Then Arctic Crossfit is the right choice for you.

During the different modules of Arctic Crossfit you learn how your respiration and movements are connected to each other and how simple daily routine such as cold exposure and mobility practices can provoke radical positive change.

By integrating the connection of your breath and heartrate during intensive exercise you can give yourself another tool for great achievements within your wellbeing, sports and focus practices.

Arctic Crossfit offers the 8 week Arctic Crossfit breathwork course which is a great addition and preparation for the Arctic Crossfit Workshop.

These modules are developed by Insight Work and Crossfit Nuldertien. All the courses are given by professional trainers with a background in Crossfit and/or the Wim Hof Method.

Arctic Crossfit Workshop

Arctic Crossfit Breathwork Course (8 week programme)